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About the publication of the new book "NKT cell-targeted therapy to fight cancer"

RIKEN Immune Regenerative Medicine Inc. (President and CEO: Jie Tokuoka, Headquarters: 10-2 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), a RIKEN medical company, is a developer of the new NKT cell-targeted treatment “RIKNKT®”, clinically tested by RIKEN and Chiba University that has improved and commercialized NKT cell-targeted treatment. Currently, we are providing regenerative medicine products to 19 medical institutions nationwide.

Nobuhisa Ito, a visiting professor at the Osaka University’s Global Center for Medical Engineering and Informatics (Director of Shinaikai Ito Clinic, clinic location: Fukushima-ku, Osaka), who applies RIKNKT® in his practices, has written a new book. "NKT Cell Targeted Therapy for Fighting Cancer" was published by Gentosha Media Consulting. This book provides an easy-to-understand explanation of NKT cell-targeted therapy after explaining the human body's "immunity", especially its relationship to cancer.


Since Professor Nobuhisa Ito started a partnership with RIKEN Immune Regenerative Medicine in March 2019, he has treated more than 40 patients with RIKNKT® and has seen its effectiveness. Based on that experience, this book summarizes the power of human immunity and explains the regenerative medicine technology RIKNKT®, which is at the forefront of various cancer treatment methods using immunity, as well as other therapies. The contents are explained while interspersed, making it easy for the reader to understand from a bird's-eye view. Available at bookstores and online shops nationwide.

Excerpt from "Introduction"

It is said that 3,000 to 5,000 cancer cells are generated every day in everyone's body. Even so, cancer does not occur because the body's built-in immune system eliminates it every day. However, immune function also declines with age. In addition to surgery, radiation, and anticancer agents, which are the three major cancer therapies, "immunotherapy" has also been attracting attention in recent years.Among them, the "NKT cell-targeted therapy" researched and developed by RIKEN Immune Regenerative Medicine is the latest immunotherapy using NKT cells, which are the super-leaders of the immune system and possess the functions of both innate and acquired immunity.


Table of contents:


Chapter 1: Why do people get cancer?
・Humans have the ability to stay healthy.
・Why are cancer patients increasing?
・Immune function deteriorates with age.
・When cancer cells continue to multiply, cancer develops.
・Cancer proliferates and metastasizes, making it even more troublesome.
・Anti-aging for the immune is essential to defeat cancer.

Chapter 2: Cancer and infectious diseases: Whether or not you get sick depends on how your immune system works
・It is the job of the immune system to distinguish between self and non-self.
・Immunity is a system that eliminates foreign substances in two stages.
・Cells have marks that indicate “I”.
・The bearer of immunity is an elite unit of "white blood cells".
・Where are immune cells made?
・The thymus is an elite training center for T cells.
・Cytokines are information liaisons.
・Cancer cells bypass the surveillance of immune cells by all means.
・The intestine is also the largest immune organ.
・Intestinal immunity that does not eliminate food is surprisingly fuzzy.
・Allergy is a runaway immune system?
・The immune system is weak to stress.

Chapter 3: Amazing work of "NKT cells" the strongest part of human immunity
・Limits of three major cancer therapies.
・"Immunotherapy" focusing on increasing immunity.
・Reason why conventional cancer immunotherapy did not work.
・NKT cells were the strongest immune cells in the human body.
・Six functions of NKT cells against cancer.

Chapter 4: Win cancer by activating immune super-leader “NKT cells”
・Beware of extended interpretation of immunotherapy.
・Comparison between NKT cell-targeted therapy and other immunotherapies.
・What is “NKT cell-targeted therapy” using activated NKT cells?
・Flow of NKT cell-targeted therapy.
・Remarkable efficacy in clinical trials of NKT cell-targeted therapy.
・Difficulty in evaluating cancer treatment.
・Cases of patients who actually received NKT cell-targeted therapy
・Possibility of NKT cell-targeted therapy.
・NKT cell target therapy Q&A

Chapter 5: Improving the internal environment to improve immunity and prevent cancer
・If the immune system is strengthened, natural healing power will be activated.
・Health is created while you sleep.
・Get up early to get a good night's sleep.
・Lymphocytes become energetic when relaxed.
・Laughter boosts your immune system.
・Befriend intestinal bacteria by eating fermented foods.
・Prevent cell aging by eating foods with antioxidant properties.
・Moderate exercise improves blood and lymph flow.
・Raise body temperature to improve body function.
・Breathe deeply to reduce stress.
Epilogue 120-year life is no longer a dream if healthy life expectancy is extended.
・Can humans live to be 120 years old?
・The sooner you practice, the more you can keep your youth.
・You can achieve your dreams if you are healthy.
・A healthy body keeps a healthy mind.
・Enjoying a new lifestyle activates the brain.

In conclusion

Author: Nobuhisa Ito

Physician. Visiting professor at Osaka University Global Center for Medical Engineering and Informatics
After graduating from Kobe University School of Medicine, entered Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine.
After completing his studies, he worked in plastic surgery at Osaka City University School of Medicine and has been active in a wide range of medical settings, including anesthesiology, neurosurgery, and orthopedics.

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