RIKEN Immune Regenerative Medicine Inc. is a venture company spun off from RIKEN, the Japan's largest comprehensive Science Research Institute.

COMPANYCompany Profile

Company Profile

Company name
Riken Immune Regenerative Medicine Inc.
10-2 Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
President and CEO
Jie Tokuoka

Main management team

Ken Matsuzawa
President and CEO
Jie Tokuoka
Koichiro Abe
Shigeo Yoshida
Yoshinari Kawai
Masafumi Tachihara


Year and month Overview
October 2014 Establishment of RIKEN NKT Technology Co., Ltd.
December 2014 RIKEN Certified Venture
The company’s name changed to RIKEN Immune Regenerative Medicine Inc.
October 2015 Moved to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
November 2015 RIKEN-initiated venture

Business summary

We have developed highly safe drugs and culture methods necessary for NKT cell-targeted therapy, and in cooperation with affiliated medical institutions and joint research institutions, we are disseminating NKT cell-targeted therapy as a medical treatment not covered by insurance.We will continue to strive to expand the opportunities we provide and further promote our business based on basic science.